Lanacare Extra Merino Wool Breast Pads


These nursing pads are perfect for regular to heavy leaking.
A layer of felted wool between two layers of original weight spun wool make these pads super absorbent, warm and soft.
These incredibly soft and soothing nursing pads provide the best conditions for successful breast-feeding keeping the breasts warm and absorbing the milk to keep the nipples dry
Most women need only two pairs for the entire nursing period.
It is recommended to use a size that covers the whole breast.
Guidelines for sizes:
X-Small - 5"- A - C cup
Small - 6"- B - D cup
Medium - 7" - D cup or larger
Large - 9" - D cup or larger
Oval - 7" x 11" - D+ cup or plugged ducts
These pads are large! Do not underestimate the size. In Scandinavia women use these pads to cover their entire breast for warmth and circulation. I recommend a small for most average sized women, an x-small for those on the smaller size and a medium for those who have larger breasts. The large and oval are great for women who want full coverage and/or who suffer from regular plugged ducts.

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