Elari Diaper Wallet


The ELARI Diaper Wallet provides chic, compact organization for your diaper changing essentials. Small enough to fit into your favourite purse, backpack, or diaper bag, fashion with functionality has never looked so good.

The days of schlepping your big bag to the washroom are over, ladies. The Diaper Wallet carries everything you need for diaper changes so your larger bag, backpack or purse can stay with your crew.

Not carrying a larger bag anymore? Say goodbye to dirty diapers floating freely in your purse. Throw away the ziplock bag that has been holding your wipes - they go straight into our specially designed wipes case. No matter which stage you're at, diaper changes just got streamlined! Go ahead and try us: we know this will be the one mommy accessory you'll use all day every day!

 You can use it to carry your baby’s diaper changing essentials; you can use it for your potty training toddler (holds a change of clothes, extra underwear etc.); as a makeup case if you 
don’t have kids; or as a cosmetic case for travel.

All our Uptown Collection wallets are machine washable along with their change pads. We recommend using a lingerie bag to wash the items in and to wash in cold water (no bleach) on the delicate cycle. Don't forget to remove the wristlet and wipes case! Our Downtown Collection is completely wipeable on the outside and the change pads can be washed in your machine. Please don't put any of these items in the dryer, simply lay them out flat to air dry.

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