Chimparoo Toddler Trek


A baby carrier designed to carry a young toddler between 18 months and 6 years old. It is comfortable and ideal for wearing on the back. It has a system with laces to reduce the height of the panel in the back for a smaller child. Just like the regular TREK model, it is possible to cross the shoulder straps or tie them on either side of the shoulder with the horizontal straps. The foam belt rests perfectly on the hips. Its padded shoulder straps fit perfectly to the wearer's body.
THE TREK toddler can enjoy the portage even longer. It will be very practical with your little toddler tired of his long day to prepare the dinner in peace. During your evening outings, he can sleep calmly while you enjoy a few moments of celebration. You can go out without worrying about nap time.
The toddler TREK is lightweight and compact. Lighter than a stroller, it can help you at any time of the day.
  • Designed to carry a young child from about 18 months old to 4 years old and older (25-60 lbs) and at least 80 cm tall (31.5 inches)
  • Easy and quick adjustment of the straps to fit the size of the wearer and the child and adjust the comfort.
  • Fit on the sides to reduce the height of the back.
  • Adjustable head support.
  • Padding under the thighs to increase the comfort of the child.

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