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Chimparoo Woven Wrap

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The most comfortable, ergonomic and versatile wear. This wrap is first choice for those who want to use it from birth until about 3-4 years of age and have the clear intention of regular use at home and in other activities that are more taxing with continuous movements. For all sorts of activities, babywearing with the woven long wrap are feasible on your tummy, hip or on your back with the help of dozens of different knots. All you need is the will to learn them. For you and your baby, this wrap will become an essential.

Chimparoo wraps are made with 100% first quality cotton woven in cross twill that meet all criteria for obtaining high performance standards. They are diagonally flexible with no stretch in the length for maximal strength and easy adjustment. The material is thick enough to be soft and resilient but not too much to be stiff and hard to knot. The borders are sewn with a double hem that eases adjustments and solidifies knotting. Our wraps contain neither toxic products nor heavy metals and are made for newborns and young children. So that it may be used from birth to at least three years of age, the wrap must be at least 70 centimetres in width. This width permits coverage of the child from the knees to the head, legs bent. Embroidery is used to quickly identify the center of the wrap easing use when knotting.

All lengths of woven wraps may be equally used on the tummy, the hip or your back. They can be used with a newborn even premature, up until baby is completely able to walk or if needed right up until 3 or 4 years old, only the techniques differ, the ease of use and the weight distribution on the body of the wearer. According to the wearers’ body, the baby’s weight and your needs in babywearing, you must choose the size that best meets your needs.

Allows wearing of a baby from birth until the child becomes completely independent without any weight restrictions. 
Woven in a cross twill made of 100% cotton certified Oeke-Tex standard 100. 
Double hemmed, woven tighter for maximum strength plus contrasting colors for ease of knotting. 
Embroidery sewn into the centre to allow for ease in finding the middle of the wrap. 
38 page illustrated user’s guide included


Knots possibilities with each wrap length

  Sling knot African knot Kangaroo knot Simple cross knot Cross wrap knot
Short wrap 
(2.50m x 0.70m)
X X   (Hip)  
Kangarou wrap (3.60m x 0.70m) X X X (Hip) (Back)  
Regular wrap (4.50m x 0.70m) X X X X X
Extra-long wrap (5.20m x 0.70m)
(forte taille, jumeaux, préférence dans la position du nœud, portage l’hiver)

If you have no idea of the length of the wrap you need, we recommend that you take the longest one according to your size to be able to execute the cross wrap which by experience offers unequalled comfort and is the easiest to adjust for a beginner. The cross wrap is extraordinary with a newborn.



Style: Woven Wrap 
Age: Newborn to Toddler 
Positions: Kangaroo, Snuggle, Cradle, Back, Hip 
Weight Limit: 40 lbs