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Hotslings Adjustable Pouch


The new one-size-fits-most infinitely adjustable pouch (AP) from Hotslings fits sizes 2-5 on the Hotslings Classic Sizing Chart (caregivers up to 220lbs). Two strategically placed buckles allow the sling to fit comfortably on multiple users and easily adjusts for postpartum body changes or nursing on the go! The AP is the must-have gift for new parents! 
Sleek Leg Padding on both edges for added support and comfort. 
97% Cotton Sateen, 3% Spandex 
Slings are machine wash cold, tumble dry low.

Features & Benefits 
Sleek, one-piece fitted design. 
Fashion fabrics in today’s colors and styles. 
Easy to use! 
Wide shoulder that spreads evenly across your back. 
Original sleek leg padding design to minimize cutting into tender knees. 
Extremely compact. Folds down to nothing in your diaper bag or purse. 
Promotes bonding, breastfeeding, closeness and trust. 
Calms fussy babies with swaddling effect. 
Hands free. 
Live your life with a calm, close, attached, happy baby. 
3-5 carrying positions. 
Great for newborns up until the toddler stage. 
Easy care. Machine wash, hang dry. 
Made in USA under fair labor conditions.


Style: Pouch 
Age: Newborn to Toddler 
Positions: Hip, Cradle, Kangaroo
Weight Limit: 35lbs

Notes on fit: Everyone is different. What they can and can't tolerate is largely preferential. Some people can wear more than one size and that's OK. It's like going to the clothing store and being able to buy jeans in both a size 6 and a size 8. They both fit, maybe one's slightly looser.

Too Small: feels uncomfortably tight, digs into baby's legs, it's crazy hard to get baby in.

Too Big: baby feels insecure, your legs bump the baby as you walk, your back aches after a short time, sling slips off your shoulder.