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The M Shell


The M Shell is a unique, convertible 3-in-1 jacket that goes from being a fashionable Maternity coat; to a hip Mama coat; and back to a regular fitting Myself coat.

The perfect Fall and Spring jacket.  For balmy weather conditions, it is wind and water resistant (not waterproof), but offers fair weather protection for mom and baby.

    • Water resistant fabric
    • Zippered exterior pockets
    • Removable front panel for normal fashionable wearing
    • Adjustable draw cord waist
    • Machine-washable

    The size that you are normally, is the size that you will purchase with the M Shell.  

    For example, if you are normally a Medium, zipping in the panel like an A  will give you the extra girth that you require in the chest and around the tummy when pregnant. That same panel, turned upside down like a V when baby-wearing, also provides the extra room that you need to cover the baby.  The amazing bonus...the coat always fits everywhere else, including the shoulders and sleeve length!