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Manduca Baby Carrier


The Manduca is a baby carrier with a lot of advantages in an unique design which makes carrying to a pleasure - for you and your children!

Manduca multiplicity: Ready for use

· in front of the belly
· on the back
· on the hip

Baby and child carrier

· even for newborns (using an upper seat which is part of each Manduca)
· usable up to four years of age
· up to 20 kg resilient (44 lbs)

Wearing comfort for your child

· adjustable head and neck rest
· upholstered buckles
· zippers and snap-fasteners are all nickel-free
· lining consist of 100% cotton
· proper sitting posture

Wearing comfort for you

· extra large extra belts for hip and shoulder evenly spreading the weight
· sophisticated belt system suit the Manduca perfectly to your size
· the baby carrier only weighs 600 g
· controlled organic cotton, extra soft and tough


Please note that we are not able to sell these carriers into the United States.

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