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Papoum Doll

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Handmade in Old-Chelsea, Québec, organic cotton sherpa and/or bamboo velour and sheep wool filling.

Adorable, sweet and adventurous, Papoum-Elf can accompany baby in his crib as well as big brother or big sister in their creative play.

Stuffed with sheep’s wool, it warms up when held, giving the comforting feeling of a living being. This wool also absorbs the smells of home, so will carry these comforting aromas with it wherever it goes.

Little Lutin-Papoum is a little smaller than the big one, but may be easier to hold for small children. More simply made, its heart is just as big, and its face is also hand-embroidered. Each one is unique, just like each child.

Spot clean with mild soap Handwash or in warm water (or wool cycle)