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Breastfeeding Made Simple

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Britt says: If you have time to read just one book about breastfeeding, this simple, intuitive read is the one!

What Reviewers and Mothers Are Saying

Breastfeeding Made Simple is exactly what the nursing mother needs these days. The natural laws of breastfeeding will help mothers cut through so much of the nonsense that they may hear about breastfeeding, from friends and relatives, from the media, and unfortunately, also from their health providers. By simplifying breastfeeding, it will work better. By simplifying breastfeeding, mothers and babies will be happier. By simplifying breastfeeding more mothers will breastfeed more exclusively and longer. This is a book that has long been needed.

—Jack Newman, MD, FRCPC, pediatrician, internationally known breastfeeding advocate, and coauthor of The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers

Breastfeeding Made Simple gives mothers the research-based “why” behind every “how.” Head reasons for heart feelings! I recommend this groundbreaking book to all my clients and to the people who care about them.

—Diane Wiessinger, MS, IBCLC, Lactation Consultant, Ithaca, New York

This book is the most straightforward an informative book about breastfeeding that I’ve read. I would like to hand out copies to every pregnant woman I see.

—Kerrie, first-time mother of five-month-old

Breastfeeding Made Simple is fabulous! The research you cite and the ideas you present are so meaningful, yet the whole thing seems very accessible for new moms. I wish I had read this book before I had a baby, and even before I started working with children as a therapist. This book should be a prerequisite for parenting!

—Loren, mother of two-year-old Claire, now expecting her second child Andrew